Amhara Nationalism Better late than Never

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By Dr. Haymanot Assefa Nadew, Maryland, USA, August/2021

Misappropriating history, first the Derge regime and later the TPLF opened coordinated, systemic as well as systematic campaigns to demonize, persecute and destroy Amharas. In its 1976 manifesto, TPLF singled out Amharas as its arch enemy and all TPLF activities revolved around eliminating Amharas. Since its inception, the TPLF waged relentless national as well as international campaigns to tarnish Amharas. The campaign included propaganda, militaristic, political, economic, and societal crusade against Amharas. Thanks to TPLF, Amharas are now hated and persecuted by almost all nations, nationalities, and people in Ethiopia. You see all subsequent TPLF hatred and destruction campaigns emanate from this toxic 1976 manifesto. None of those allegations were factually correct. TPLF made them up to destroy Amharas and ultimately to compromise Ethiopia as a nation state.

We all know what a hellish existence the Ethiopian people in general and the Amhara people, in particular; underwent during the 27 years of diabolic TPLF rule. All over Ethiopia, Amharas have been massacred, raped, displaced, impoverished, and denied right to exist in their own country. Both during the TPLF rule and even today under “Oromuma” rule, Amhara elites and the Amhara political class instead of fighting for Amharas, they cooperated with Amhara oppressors and exterminators. During the past 30+ years, pseudo-Amharas represented the Amhara people with disastrous outcomes for Amharas. The very few genuine Amhara elites that attempted to fight for Amharas, were methodically destroyed by the TPLF and the Oromuma clique.

The current Oromuma government in power uses and abuses Amharas without restraint. Most Amhara political leaders and elite that are in bed with the Oromuma clique are restrained and constrained by their own megalomanic interests. In all of these, the Amhara people suffered tremendously. In the current war, Amharas are in the forefront and are suffering the brunt of the massacre, displacement, and ethnic cleansing. Many in the Amhara community argue that for the Ethiopia project to succeed Amharas must cooperate and work with whatever federal government in power. What is a country without its people? How could you justify a unified Ethiopia that would be established at the expense of the Amhara people? The Ethiopian proposition would only work if there were a power balance between all the parties that engage in the governance game!

In my opinion, I do not think Amharas have real power in the current Oromuma government. For that matter, I do not think any other group or individual has a real power other than the Prime Minister. All monumental and life altering decisions are made by a single individual. We have a pure narcissistic, megalomanic, delusional-ly egoistic dictatorship. The current Federal government is offering Amharas as an expendable collateral damages! The government has failed in safeguarding its people from aggressors. A government and a country exist to serve its people, not the other way round.  This is the time to unite all Amharas around the globe under the Amhara nationalistic umbrella. ONLY REAL AMHARAS COULD SAVE AMHARAS. This is a call for all Amharas to join  AMHARA LIBERATION MOVEMENT (ALM)!


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