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Freedom is a mind set !

Amhara Liberation Movement (ALM) (an ethnic Amhara ethno-nationalist movement) was founded to lead the existential survival struggles of the Amhara people. Amhara Liberation Movement (ALM) is an all Amhara embracing movement of Amhara people that seeks territorial independence (in case of the Ethiopian state collapse) or enhanced political or cultural autonomy (or rights of various types) within an existing nation-state of Ethiopia (if such an Ethiopia exists!) for all Amhara people. ALM seeks to free Amharas from various forms of domination and discriminatio


With grit & determination we will set our people free

Our vision is to attain for the Amhara people the two core elements of national liberation movements:Obtaining political power & Creating a strong amhara nation.

We exist to  liberate all Amharas from historic discrimination, hatred, oppression, subjugation, genocide, displacements, starvation, blame, statelessness, & persecution.

We are human right defenders

what we Can do together?

Fight for our freedom

We promise to fight tooth and nail until all Amharas are free.


WE will come together to liberate ourselves from perpetual shame & destruction.


Expose the state sponsored horror that is happening in Ethiopia to garner international support


Design battle tested strategies, motivate, inspire, flawlessly execute & selflessly lead the struggle until total victory.

educate & inform

"Is Freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? Epictetus .
We are responsible for our liberty.

Resource Mobilization & Deployment

Bring together our human, material, financial & intellectual resources to expeditiously bring an end to Amhara massacre.

Dr. Haymanot Assefa Nadew

ALM Founder

His Excellency Ayalew Mengesha

Advent Amhara Founder

our work Motivates Millions

Our leaders

want to know how ALM was Created?

ከአማራ ነፃነት ንቅናቄ መስራች ዶ/ር ሀይማኖት አሰፋ የንቅናቄውን መመስረት አስመልክቶ የተደረገ አጭር ቆይታ!

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