About Us

at Amhara Liberation Movement It Is ALWAYS AMHARA FIRST! AMHARA FIRST!

We Are ALM

Amhara Liberation Movement is a radically new , out-of-the-box-thinking movement, envisioning to build a strong, unified Amhara nation that exists to liberate all Amharas from historic discrimination, hatred, subjugation, genocide, displacement, starvation, statelessness, and persecution..


ALM categorically rejects the old-tried and tired ways of leading the Amhara peoples’ struggle. ALM vehemently opposes and fights to bring and end to the political exclusion of ethnic Amharas and the domination of particular groups , on an explicitly ethnic basis.

Freedom Fighters

Our back is against the wall. John Major once said, ” When your back is against the wall, there is only one thing to do, and that is turn around and fight.” We are forced into being Freedom Fighters!   


All the senseless massacres of ethnic Amharas in Ethiopia, horrendous rapes, epic humanitarian crisis, and the uncountable horrors pushed us to the brink.

We stop at nothing

Right to life is an alienable human right. We bow to do everything that needs be done to regain and preserve our right to decent life.


Pressure Makes Dimond

Though our enemies declare open war against us all, we will prevail in the end. 

We Take It Step-By-Step

One day at a time! One valley after another and one peak after another until all of ours is completely liberated. We never give up; patience, meticulousness and purposefulness is our hallmark.


We Keep It Simple

Our intention is clear! All we want & need is political power to ethnic Amharas and establishment of strong Amhara nation.


Your Dream. Our Mission.

Only grit and dedicated struggle

We are mindful of our circumstances. We alone are masters of our fate. Our survival depends on our tenacity. we will fight the enemy wherever they may be.

Our dedication, dogged persistence, promise of freedom and liberty propel us forward. No stone will be left unturned until total victory. The Best or nothing. 



We Work for & with ethnic Amharas

Meet Our People

Life Should NOT be this HARD!

You think your life is hard? Think again

Orphaned by Government Militias

Unimaginable Horror

We have a new baby

All Human Life is EQUAL!

Amhara Beauty

On her way to Church

We Cry Every Single day

Since April/2018, >1650 ethnic Amhara Targeting Attacks in Ethiopia

Displaced in Millions

5.5 million ethnic Amharas are Internally Displaced

Fasiledes Castle

Ethnic Amharas Founders of Ethiopia

Bati Bati, Ere Bati Bati..

The Queen

Teen Mom

The Future is Ours

we work for & With Our People

Amhara Liberation Movement (ALM) is an all Amhara embracing movement of Amhara people that seeks territorial independence (in case of the Ethiopian state collapse) or enhanced political or cultural autonomy (or rights of various types) within an existing nation-state of Ethiopia (if such an Ethiopia exists!) for all Amhara people. ALM seeks to free Amharas from various forms of domination and discrimination.


Do you want to join the fight against injustice?

we can do it together